Meet Megan Reed, Founder of Curvig

Meet Megan Reed, Founder of Curvig


Wohooo! A Curvig blog! I am excited to connect with you all on a weekly basis with my random thoughts about different areas of life. This blog is probably not going to be super fashion-focus, just a melting pot of my thoughts about life, fashion, positivity, and more! This week I am keeping it simple and giving you 10 facts about yours truly. Doesn’t the title make it sound like I’m such a big deal? HAHA.

  1. I have two dogs. My two little chihuahua furchildren, Bentley and Lincoln! A lot of people don’t know about them because they aren’t allowed in my office, so they aren’t usually around when I am live. They burrow themselves into their blankets when they sleep and people think it is so funny, but I never knew it was weird! They also don’t bark much, which is very anti-chihuahua. #blessed
  2. I’m an introvert. This may seem a little strange seeing as I put myself in front of thousands of people every day, but I’m much more of a “performer” than a socializer. I enjoy making people smile on a large scale, but having a one-on-one discussion with someone outside of my circle gives me anxiety. So, if you ever meet me in person and I seem totally awkward, I apologize in advance hehe. 
  3. I am not really that into fashion. This feels a little weird to admit, seeing as I own a clothing company, but I am not the type of girl that scours each issue of vogue looking for the latest trends. I founded Curvig because I knew the struggles plus size gals faced when it came to finding clothes they feel great in, and I wanted to make a positive impact on that. I have to google fashion terminology at least once a week and suck at naming colors outside of the 24-count crayon box. When I am shopping for new inventory, I look for cute and comfy things that I love and think you will too. If it’s not something I would wear, you aren’t going to find it in the shop. And so far, so good!
  4. I have never been to a school dance. Such a mistake on my end! Young people – live a little! Bust a move and dance to the YMCA!
  5. I suffer from anxiety. I often wonder how many people feel the way I do, if it’s just the new norm in the society we live in. My anxiety is centered around bad things happening. When I’m a concert, I think about bombs, when I’m at Church, I think about shooters, etc. I’m learning to cope with these thoughts and try not to let it affect my life, but I have turned down fun experiences because of the danger I have felt around it. The world is a sad place, which is why I try and counteract that with as much positivity as possible!
  6. I am a neat freak. People often comment that it doesn’t look like a three-year-old lives at my house, and it makes my heart so happy haha. Cleaning is my form of relaxation, and there is absolutely nothing better than a spotless house! However, when it comes to my office, all bets are off!
  7. The book You Are A Badass changed my life. I recommend this book so much, people would think I am working on commission. I listen to the audiobook more than I listen to my Taylor Swift album. It has taught me that your outlook and perspective is everything, the power of positivity is no joke, and the universe will give you anything if you ask it for. I listen to it over and over again because having that reminder constantly in front of me helps me keep that mindset. Seriously, if you haven’t read it, get a free Audible trial RIGHT NOW and listen to it – the author reads it herself, so it’s like your own personal life coach!
  8. I know how to make a pretty dope sandwich. My first job was working as a Sandwich Artist at Subway and it was seriously the best ever. I wish I could go back and re-live that time in my life for a day. It also created the ultimate domino effect that has completely shaped my life journey, which is so crazy to think about. What would my life be like now had I not gotten that job?
  9. I’m a co-parenting ninja. My daughter’s dad and I have such a good relationship, there are good percentage of people who think we are together – which does not help my love life! :-P It’s one of the areas in my life that I feel most blessed. We are best friends and continuously put our daughters needs first, which means lots of family nights, shared holidays, and all that good stuff. Although my first choice would be one happy family, this comes in at a close second.
  10. Family is everything to me. I am so so lucky to have all of my immediately family in the Minneapolis area. I absolutely love when we all get together for family dinners. My mom lives five minutes from me and I would seriously go to her house every day if I could. I feel like the needy person when you first start dating someone and you’re like “I don’t want to be too annoying, but I really want to see you! “ but with my mom. 

There you have it, there are 10 random facts about me! Let me know your favorite fact down below and leave a random fact about you! I love getting to know my Curvig tribe.

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Robin 🐦

I am learning new things about you. I must say that your family rocks! Very proud to know them and to have had Women’s Weekend, camping, graduations, weddings, births, birthday parties, etc. with them.
You’re a great Momma!
I love that you’re a go getter and that you created Curvig! I hope it continues to grow and evolve. You rock!!

wish everyone could rock the co-parenting gig like you do.
You are an amazing young entrepreneur. Go get ’em, girl!
come on over across the park! I need serious decluttering help!

I love your family relationship! You are amazing!


I think I new pretty much all of those facts about you except the Badass book.
I’ve always known you’d do great things ❤️

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