2020 Boot Haul

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One of the most commonly asked questions I get during the fall and winter seasons is “where did you get your boots?” Unfortunately, all of the boots I’ve been wearing for Curvig shoots have been in my closet for a while, so I’ve only been able to give a generic response. However, I decided this year I would revamp my boot collection so that I can show you the latest options in wide calf boots and give you links to get the exact pair I’m rocking with my Curvig outfit! Here’s the details on my latest haul! For reference, I am a size 8-8.5 in shoes and have a 16.5” calf. I will list the retail price for all of the boots I got, but I did get all of them for around 50% off, so if they aren’t on sale or you don’t have a coupon code, I would wait it out and wait for one!


Most of the boots in this haul are from Torrid. If you decide to move forward with one of these options, keep in mind that these boots are all wide width as well as wide calf, so if you do not traditionally buy wide width shoes, you are going to want to size down on these boots! I got an 8 in all of my Torrid boots and they still have a little room in them, but I appreciate that because I can wear a thicker sock come winter and not have them too tight. However, I could definitely wear a 7.5 as well. So definitely size down a half size, if not a full size! With the exception of the Black Faux Suede Buckle Knee-High Boot, these are all extra wide calf boots and I highly recommend extra wide calf! This is what allows me to still have room around my calf which is my preferred look! Below are notes on each style!


Black Quilted Faux Leather Knee-High Boot - These are super cute and I am really looking forward to wearing them! They do have a bit more of a shiny faux leather look, but they are the perfect black boot with a little extra style detail! Retail is $79.50. Extra wide calf measurement is 19.56” on my size 8.

Black Faux Suede Buckle Knee-High Boots – These are probably my least favorite of my haul, I am going to wait on officially keeping them for the next few weeks. They are the dressiest of the boots I got, I can definitely see wearing them out for a night on the town! They have the biggest heel of all the boots I ordered – nothing crazy but a little one. Their faux suede fabric makes them have a tiny bit of sheen to them and it’s not a true solid black like I would like. I also thought I ordered the extra wide calf, but it looks like they are regular. They have a pretty good measurement of 17.55” for a regular wide calf, but my sweet spot personally is around 19”. Retail is $79.90.

Taupe Faux Leather Sweater-Trimmed Knee-High Boot – These are so cute and my favorite pair from the haul! I love the sweater detailing on the top, really adds a fun touch! This could, however, interfere with specific outfits, TBD on my end. Coloring on these is much more like the product photo than the picture with the model. Highly recommend! Retail is $79.50. Extra wide calf measurement is 20.27” on my size 8.

Cognac Faux Leather Dual Buckle Knee-High Boot – These are really cute, practical, and have the most realistic leather look and feel out of all of this haul’s boots. They are very similar in color to the sweater trimmed ones above, so you could easily get one or the other.


Eva Extra Wide Calf Buckle Wrap Tall Boot - I feel like a majority of my previous boot shopping has been done at Maurice’s, but they don’t have a ton of extra wide width options this season. They have one, and it’s the ones I got. I did try the Eva Wide Calf Buckle Wrap Tall Boot (versus the extra wide calf that I ended up with), and while they fit, they were tight on my calves and I didn’t like it. I also started off ordering these in an 8 and they were too small, so I got the 8.5 and those fit well! They feel a little less quality than the Torrid boots, but they also were a little less expensive, so I’m curious how they will hold up. Retail is $59.00 and calf measurement is 20”. Recommend sizing up a half size in these!


Women's Katherine Lace up Wedge Fashion Boots – These ones are a bonus pair I thought I would throw in. I bought them for family photos and I really like them, they will definitely end up in a Curvig shoot in the future! They are a fuzzy and comfortable on the inside! Retail for $39.99 and I got them in and 8.5.


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