Today's Pre-Sale

Alright friends, I have created a pre-sale for these masks and they are available now!
I have left the quantities at unlimited since I have yet to place an order, so they will not "sell out" on our website! The top three are looking to be shipping to you 4/23, where as the three additional designs on the bottom are a little farther out at 5/5. Note, there are multiple colors available for the 4/23 pre-sales!
IMPORTANT NOTE: The filter for these masks is sold separately and comes in a 10 pack for $4.00. If you prefer to forego the filter, I have heard a coffee filter is a good alternative, or just the naked mask is better than nothing and what most cloth masks are.
Since these are high-demand items and I want to get in an order ASAP to have a better chance of actually getting them, I am placing the first order today at 5PM CST and will account for any orders placed before that time! I will place an additional order tomorrow, 4/10, at 5PM CST and account for any new orders at that time. This pre-sale will close tomorrow, 4/10 at 5PM CST!
Details on these mask are below. NOTE, I have not seen this in person but I am ordering them from a designer I have purchased with before, so I am fairly confident in their quality!
  • Reusable, Washable Face Mask
  • One Size
  • 100% Cotton
  • Elastic Straps (easily tie them to make them smaller if needed)
  • Hand-Made


Important notes about this pre-sale:
  • Due to the high-demand of these items right now, I am nervous about the fulfillment. Please note, I am trying my best to get these in for us, but I would say there is a higher chance than normal this pre-sale may get delayed or be unfulfilled. If that is the case, I will keep you updated on timing and refund you as quickly as possible is that is needed!
  • Due to these items being at cost, I have temporarily removed Sezzle as a payment option at checkout because fees are extremely high for me. I don't want anyone to go without the opportunity to purchase these if payments are needed, so if this is the case for you, please email with what items you'd like to purchase and I can try and figure out an alternative for you!
  • If you order some 4/23 pre-sales and some 5/5 pre-sales, we will ship you 4/23 pre-sales as soon as they come in!
  • If you order and only part of you order is able to be fulfilled, we will fulfill those items are refund any items we are unable to fulfill. This includes shipping masks if for some reason we are unable to get the filter. We will not ship filter packs without a mask without reaching out prior.
Please let me know if you have any questions! I cried getting this ready, this is so weird. But I am happy to help you ladies out!